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chicken+lowercase=fleur is a collection of surreal, alluring, gritty, and often darkly humorous poems about a chubby, picked-on, at times resilient girl named lowercase from a dysfunctional working-class family who learned in her mother’s womb that it’s better to just shut up and take it from everyone, or things will only get worse. Some of the poems in this collection anthropomorphize sunflowers who utter, mostly spit lowercase’s feelings of loneliness and abandonment right onto the shag carpet, and in other poems, sunflowers take on the form of characters in lowercase’s seething world of jaundiced chicken and crocheted doll-head toilet cozies. chicken+lowercase=fleur explores neglect, bullying, body image, and growing up in a family stuck in an endless cycle of depression and bitterness through the lens of a girl whose unusual name defines who she believes she is; less than, lower and undeserving of even a capital letter.

To purchase using PayPal just go to Lily Poetry Review Books. 

To purchase a signed copy and pay by check, please email Christine at or send her a message using the contact form on the events/contact page on this website. Thanks!

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